My name is Dane, and I'm one of the founders of Iconic99s.  Through the use of NFT's, we are dedicated to helping creative people protect and profit from their creativity. And thanks to Iconic99s, it's never been easier.

Iconic99s promotes your words of wisdom!

We are fierce advocates for protecting your creativity, original thought, and intellectual property. These are embodied as digital rights that we deliver in the form of bona fide NFT's, the gold standard in digital proofs, all at the affordable price of 99 cents. In other words, there is no better way for you to prove an idea is yours than to mint it as an NFT at a specific time– time is of the essence.

While others sell expensive NFT's that range from $10-$1000+ and in an environment where some apps are issuing fake test-net NFT's without any warning or notice, our aim is to simplify the journey of creatives , first with ease-of-use and even more important, a Zero Trust framework.  Zero trust framework assumes a complex network's security is always at risk to external and internal threats. It helps organize and strategize a thorough approach to counter those threats.

The result is that your most cherished and valued ideas, your intellectual property, are attributed to you as an actual blockchain NFT with a secure timestamp and  authorship, that seals and protects your rights.

That's not the case with fake test-net NFT's, your timestamp and claims to originality are seriously at risk. Your ideas are published on a non-production system and viewable by anyone while there's no protection because the minting date will change at one or more points in the future. Protection from minting an NFT occurs by proving rights were vested or registered at a specific time in a manner that is always available for proof. A test-net token does not provide these benefits.

Test-net tokens are not guaranteed, the data can be lost anytime, and there is no bona fide NFT until it is minted on a production blockchain system. In the best case scenario, test-net tokens may result in the minting of an actual NFT (almost always at high prices) at an arbitrary, random, and unknown time in the future under a process known as "lazy-minting". This means that in the meanwhile, someone can mint a real NFT from another's test-net data (that is publicly viewable and accessible), and since they were the first to mint the token on an actual blockchain, the assets and rights may become theirs. The wrongdoer will always be able to make the claim their token was minted before the actual author's NFT, and this may be presented as evidence that they are the rightful owner over the property of another ... don't let this happen to you, especially now that you know NFT protection is .99 cents away.  

Time is of the essence when you are protecting your idea. Secure your idea with a real NFT to prove it was created by you at a specific time.

Otherwise, why pay tens or hundreds of times more for the same level of protection? Iconic99s' Ethereum compatible NFT's live on the privacy-centric and efficient Oasis Rose Protocol with reliance. Our patent-pending system makes it as quick, easy, and affordable as possible to use the blockchain.

Your ideas, creativity, and intellectual property are protected on a main-net blockchain with Iconic Apps' Iconic99s' , low price of 99 cents! That's one of many features that defines us. Our services bring blockchain to the masses, and our patent-pending methods that make it happen are on the cutting edge of science and technology.