All of Iconic App’s NFT’s, including Iconic99s, Iconic Quotes, Iconic Jokes, and Iconic Media, smart contracts are now written on the ERC-2981 protocol. The ERC-2981 retrieves royalty payment information for non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) enabling universal support for royalty payments across all NFT marketplaces and ecosystems.

This new standard allows contracts, such as NFT’s that support ERC-721 and ERC-1155 interfaces, to signal a royalty amount to be paid to the NFT creator or rights holder every time the NFT is sold or re-sold. This is a great step forward for NFT marketplaces that support the ongoing funding of artists and other NFT creators.

Nifty99s lets users set royalty amounts.
Nifty Quotes lets you easily choose your royalty amount.

Note: Iconic Apps is one of the first companies to adopt the ERC-2981 protocol.  The ERC-2981 NFT is a streamlined, gas-efficient building block, which keeps costs down, and allows for further innovation in NFT royalty payments.


Adding royalties to your NFT.  It's an option you can add on the checkout page for $1 USD, and of course, you can choose the amount of royalty.  It's an amazing tool because it allows you, down the road, to sell your NFT while retaining publishing and usage rights. For example, let's say you minted a quote, poem or story and added a 10% royalty to the NFT, and then sold that NFT for (name amount). It's still your material (meaning you can still use the quote, poem or story as you wish, you've only sold the NFT of that material (sort of like its birth certificate).  As your reputation grows, so does the value of that NFT, and each time it's sold, you'd receive a 10% royalty of the sale price. FYI: We're currently in development of a unique marketplace that will make listing and selling your NFT's easy and seamless.

Adding ROSE to your NFT. New Nifty99s NFT's (Iconic Quotes, Iconic Jokes, and Iconic Media) can be now be backed by ROSE with the press of a button. We are the first company to make this option available. We look at this as an investment in the creativity and originality represented by each of you (the creators) using our unique platform and tokens.